Big Bill Comments On Returning To Arena Where He Suffered Seizure

By his own admission, Willian Morrissey, now Big Bill, was spiraling when he was fired by WWE in June 2018, and things only got worse from there. That December, he suffered a seizure at a show, which he later attributed to alcohol withdrawal, and he took a hiatus from wrestling after behaving erratically at a Wrestle Pro show the following September. On Thursday, AEW released a new episode of their "AEW Unrestricted" podcast with Morrissey as the guest, and as they touched on his journey, he talked about returning to the site of the seizure, Philadelphia's 2300 Arena, for an Impact Wrestling show in April 2022.

"[It was] very, very emotional," he said. "At that point in my life, in 2018, I didn't think I'd ever be happy. It was just a horrible time for me. Very depressing, constant anxiety all day long, and drinking very, very heavily, obviously. So I was very, very miserable, and to come back to that arena, and that day as a totally different human being almost ... I'm sober, I'm peaceful, I have a great girlfriend in [fiancée] Lexy [Nair], and I'm back in wrestling, which I love doing more than anything in the world. And to have the opportunity to be back in wrestling in the best shape of my life, I think doing the best work of my entire career, I had to take it all in.

"Yeah, I did get emotional in the promo that night. It was a very, very special evening, and it was very positive looking forward, thinking about all of the positive blessings I had, but it was also a good reminder of where things can go, and it was a good reminder of how badly things can get. So it was a really spiritual experience, I would say, for me."

Big Bill last appeared on the January 11 episode of "AEW Dynamite," when he and Lee Moriarty lost to JungleHOOK.