Booker T Names His Royal Rumble 2023 Predictions

Booker T didn't hesitate when he was asked who he thinks will win each of the Royal Rumble matches this Saturday night.

On the latest episode of his "Hall of Fame" podcast on Thursday, co-host Brad Gilmore asked the two-time WWE Hall of Famer who he thinks will be the last man and woman standing at marquee Saturday's pay-per-view event.


"Of course, in the men's, it's going to be Cody Rhodes," Booker said. "Cody Rhodes is going to win."

And in the women's division? "It's going to be 'The Rip,'" the six-time world champion said, referring to WWE's Rhea Ripley. "It's time for 'The Rip' to get that push. It's time for 'The Rip' to come out of that shadow of the women, you know?"

Booker added that he thinks "being able to just sit back in the wings, watch and wait with The Judgement Day as of late, has given [Ripley] a little bit of time to get that hunger back to go out there and really take control of that women's division." 

"I really think she can," he continued. "I really think Rhea Ripley is the future of the women's division."


Rhodes and Ripley are both at the top of the latest betting odds to win each of their respective Royal Rumble matches. Ripley has remained one of the most dominant women in professional wrestling over the past year, teaming with The Judgement Day in mixed tag matches or as a force on the outside. As for Rhodes, the second-generation WWE star will be making his long-teased return at the Rumble, where many fans believe he'll pick up where he left off in his quest to win a WWE world title.