Dominik Mysterio On Possible WWE Royal Rumble Confrontation With Rey Mysterio

Dominik Mysterio has some harsh words for his dad ahead of what many fans believe to be an inevitable confrontation between Rey Mysterio and his son this Saturday in the men's Royal Rumble match.

In a new interview with Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman at the Royal Rumble press junket, the younger Mysterio said his father is "washed" up and vowed to personally eliminate him from the match if they come face-to-face on Saturday. Both Dominik and his father, Rey, have announced their intentions to enter into the annual 30-man battle royale match.

"I think people know what happens [if he and his father square off in the Royal Rumble match," he said. "I think I get the better of him, of course, as I have been, as I always do. And I toss him over the top rope and I end his chances to main-event WrestleMania again and win the title. He's done. He's washed and it's time for the younger, better-looking Mysterio to come in."

Mysterio has been at odds with his father since their relationship began to boil over at the end of last summer. After accompanying his father and WWE Hall of Famer Edge at ringside during their match against The Judgement Day at WWE's Clash at the Castle event, the younger Mysterio turned heel and attacked his dad, setting their rivalry in motion.

Since then, the former father-and-son tag team duo have yet to settle their score inside a WWE ring – although the two had confrontations with one another in several pre-filmed segments, including when Dominik was "arrested" outside the Mysterio family's home on Christmas Eve.

Video and a full transcription from Wrestling Inc.'s interview with Dominik Mysterio will be available shortly on the website and on our social media platforms.