Logan Paul, Edge Among WWE Royal Rumble Surprise Entrants

This year's WWE men's Royal Rumble kicked off the event emanating from San Antonio, becoming just the second time in history the 30-man match did so. In the past, WWE has had several surprise entrants in the match, typically using the tagline "you never know who's going to show up." Despite that statement, WWE had very few surprises in the match, among them were a pair of WWE Hall of Famers and a YouTube sensation.


The first of the surprises was five-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion Booker T, who entered at #21, lasting just a few seconds in the match before being tossed over by GUNTHER while celebrating with a Spin-a-Roonie in the middle of the ring. Next on the surprises list was "The Rated R-Superstar" Edge, coming in at #24 to approach his former group "The Judgment Day," tossing both Damien Priest and Finn Balor out of the match before being eliminated moments later by Dominik Mysterio. 

The last of the surprises came at #29 as Logan Paul made a return, coming out to an adverse reaction. Despite not being well received, Paul put on a show in the match, with the most memorable moment of his coming when he jumped from one end of the ring to the other, colliding with Ricochet mid-air. Paul created even more iconic moments, eliminating WWE superstar Seth Rollins to be one of the last three in the match. 


Despite the shocking toss of Rollins, a returning Cody Rhodes at #30, would eliminate Paul. "The American Nightmare" would then outlast GUNTHER in a first-ever final two between #1 and #30, pushing him one step closer to his goal of becoming WWE Champion as he won the Rumble match.