Liv Morgan Comments On Recent Success In WWE

For someone with such humble beginnings in "WWE NXT," it's awe-inspiring to see how far Liv Morgan has progressed as a WWE Superstar. Just this past Saturday at the WWE Royal Rumble, Morgan, and the eventual winner of the women's Royal Rumble match, Rhea Ripley, broke the record for the longest time in a women's Royal Rumble match at 61 minutes and 3 seconds

The Rumble record is yet another important achievement for Morgan this past year, with the others being her Money in the Bank briefcase win, and the "WWE SmackDown" Women's Championship reign, while she also secured wins over big-name stars like Ronda Rousey.

"I've really appreciated the journey," Morgan told "Busted Open Radio" in a new interview. "I had so many times where I doubted if I would get to become champion, or kind of be, you know, the martyrs of the women's division. And so, I felt like I knew always, all along, that the journey was going to be worth the outcome."

Morgan notes that throughout the tireless grinding and hard work, she forced herself to keep focused on the goal of one day becoming a women's champion in the sport she has adored since childhood. 

"You know, five-year-old little Liv would have died [to be in this position], and so, yeah, I felt like I just owed it to myself to see how good I could possibly be," Liv said. It's hard to deny that Liv hasn't done just that and pushed herself to her physical peak, as proven by her progress in the ring.

The rise of Liv Morgan

This journey for Liv Morgan started early, after being signed by WWE at just 21 years old. It took her years just to get her first win on "WWE NXT" television, but the slow rise didn't discourage her. She took some time to reflect on when she really felt she was getting over with the crowd, citing the buildup to Money in the Bank 2022 as a turning point.

"I had wrestled a match, I can't remember who, but we went dark like off camera and I got to cut a promo for just the live audience, talking about how much I wanted to win Money in the Bank. And they just broke out in, 'You deserve it' chants,' and it kind of stunned me in my place, and I felt, I guess for the first time, how much support I had that I didn't realize.'"

Liv's record-breaking Royal Rumble performance shows just how quickly her endurance and moveset are evolving in the squared circle. Looking back on the past year, she believes another significant shift occurred during her rivalry with former "WWE SmackDown" Women's Champion and the woman who took her title, Ronda Rousey.

"I think it started the moment I passed out in Ronda Rousey's, her submission hold she had on me. I think in that moment, losing everything I ever wanted kind of gave me this freedom to be like, 'Alright, kid, you did it. You got it. Now, you've lost it.'"