Shawn Michaels Describes How WWE NXT Is Different Now Than Under Triple H

"WWE NXT" has undergone several transformations over the years, from its initial competition format involving mentors and rookies, to Paul "Triple H" Levesque's black and gold era that made its mark in the mid-to-late 2010s. Presently, the ship is being steered by WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels, and "The Heartbreak Kid" recently touched on how the current version of the brand continues to have a "family atmosphere" behind the curtain. 

"That's something Hunter instilled here from day one," Michaels said on "Busted Open Radio." "When I came in here five years ago, it was like that. Now, I will say this. We had a lot of guys that were more veterans in the wrestling business, even from the independent scene. ... But now we've got a lot younger people. And the thing is, it is more like a high school, college locker room now. It is very supportive. It's maybe not quite at the maturity level or the experienced level that it once was, but I will say, maybe that's the part where that's kind of on me because I'm more juvenile than Hunter is. We like to keep it very loose and fun down here."

Michaels, considered one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, became more hands-on with the "NXT" brand in November 2018 when he began working as a writer and producer under Levesque's leadership. Michaels would later assume the Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative position in September 2022 after his fellow D-Generation X member and best friend became WWE's Chief Content Officer following Vince McMahon's short-lived retirement last summer

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