Cody Rhodes Says He Committed A 'Cardinal Sin' At The Royal Rumble

Pre-show rituals can help a person get into the right mindset before a game, performance, or match. Some people will listen to music or say a prayer. Others will get in some last-minute exercises. Before walking through the curtain, Goldberg used to headbutt walls until he gave himself a concussion. But sometimes rituals are more than mental. They can be practical as well.


For example, while appearing on Corey Graves' "After The Bell" podcast, Cody Rhodes shared that checking out an arena before a show helps him get acquainted with the setup of a venue. But more importantly, it lets him know where the camera is so the audience at home can see the action properly. However, at the most recent WWE Royal Rumble, which saw "The American Nightmare" emerge from the annual men's over-the-top battle royal victorious, he didn't have the opportunity to do his homework.

"My dad would really be irked if he knew this," said Rhodes. "I did not walk the arena earlier in the day. I did not walk the ramp. I did not get in the ring. I was very much held behind doors. And because of that, I will admit... I have no clue and I still have not figured it out. I didn't know where the hard cam was."


Calling it a "cardinal sin" on his part, the future contender for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship did his best to remain professional in the moment, despite being unaware of the hard cam's location. After being declared the winner, Rhodes made sure to position himself on all four sides of the ring at various points so that there was plenty of opportunity for the production crew to get the shot they needed, particularly of him pointing to the WWE Wrestlemania sign.