ECW Original Has High Praise For Paul Heyman And Cody Rhodes

Despite being the "consigliere" of The Bloodline, Paul Heyman will always be synonymous with ECW, and one of his original soldiers in the extreme trenches had some definitive words for his old boss.

The primary focus for wrestling fans following Monday night's "WWE Raw" was the in-ring promo segment with Heyman and Cody Rhodes. Heyman had some powerful words regarding Cody's father, the late Dusty Rhodes, as "The Advocate" made a play to make Rhodes' road to WrestleMania turn from an "American Dream" to an "American Nightmare." However, Rhodes bit back at Heyman and issued a warning to Roman Reigns. 


The compelling segment created buzz on social media and was the hot topic on Tuesday morning's "Busted Open Radio," which is co-hosted by ECW Original Bully Ray. The WWE Hall Of Famer praised Heyman for his performance on "Raw."

"Last night, and this is gonna be strong, of anything I've ever seen Paul Heyman do, whether that was with The Dangerous Alliance back in the day, whether that was ECW, whether that was him and Brock [Lesnar], him and [CM] Punk, him and Roman, that was my favorite piece of business I've ever seen Paul Heyman do last night," Bully Ray said.

Heyman praised Dusty for the legacy he left in the ring, but noted to Cody that he wasn't trained by his father, while a number of other top stars were, including Reigns. Heyman closed his monologue by saying Cody was always Dusty's "favorite son," but Reigns was "the son he always wanted." That line prompted a mic drop from Heyman, but Rhodes warned Heyman that he just made things personal for "The Head Of The Table."