Jim Ross Shares Update After Speaking With Jerry Lawler

Monday afternoon, WWE Hall of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler was hospitalized after suffering a stroke outside of his Florida condo. He underwent surgery, and since, many of his friends across the wrestling industry, such as Dutch Mantell, have been providing updates on Lawler's condition. Late last night, Lawler's former WWE broadcast colleague Jim Ross had news on the status of "The King" after having talked with him directly.

"I spoke very briefly with ⁦Jerry Lawler⁩ tonight," Ross tweeted. "He's obviously weak, but I could understand his affected speech. Jerry's prognosis is positive, but he needs all our thoughts and prayers. #LoveYaKing."

This is not the first time Lawler has faced a major health scare. During a 2012 episode of "WWE Raw," Lawler suffered a heart attack while on the air. Luckily, he was able to receive immediate medical attention and made a full recovery. While that officially brought an end to him doing anything physical for WWE, Lawler continued to wrestle on the independent scene. In fact, in January — at AML Acts of War Games 2 against the Beer City Bruiser — he continued his streak of having wrestled in at least one match per year for 53 straight years. Additionally, Lawler was just seen as part of the kickoff panel prior to the Royal Rumble, just a little over a week ago.

Ross and Lawler were broadcast partners for WWE during its 90s boom period of the Attitude Era and have long been regarded as one of the most well-known commentary duos in WWE history.