Scotty 2 Hotty's First Too Cool WWE Merchandise Check Was Huge

When it comes to wrestling, the various companies providing content usually have unique styles. WWE is the epitome of production and storytelling, while AEW usually focuses on quick-paced matches with impressive moves throughout. One MLW star, Real1, formerly known as Enzo Amore in WWE, knows that he doesn't have to stick to one style to be a draw in the sport. And one WWE veteran that worked both in the ring and behind the scenes, Scotty 2 Hotty, was the man who first taught him that lesson.

"Scotty 2 Hotty told me how he worked for WWE and he was booked all the time on the road doing dark matches and live events and [was] never booked on TV," Real1 told Busted Open Radio. "And he said he was booked for three years straight and never got on TV, and he was waiting for a shot. And then he started doing the Too Sexy/Too Cool/The Worm. He said he made more money in one quarter of a merchandise check than he did for three years wrestling and doing dives off the top rope."

This was a revelation of sorts for Real1, who realized his smaller stature and preference for promos over flashy ring moves could actually help his character. "When I heard that, I promise you that I stopped giving a f— about what anybody had to say about pro wrestling in general." Real1 emphasized that he doesn't care about "work rate" or how "technically sound" a wrestler is because making the moves look realistic is most important. "I sell it. I sell. I'm glad you're a great wrestler, dude. Learn how to sell." Last weekend, Real1 defeated Mance Warner, Matthew Justice, and Microman in the company's first-ever dumpster match.