Issues Between AEW And AAA Cloud Search For Upcoming Hijo Del Vikingo Opponent

What big name will face El Hijo Del Vikingo for the AAA Mega Title in 2023? The plan may be for one of AEW's top stars — if matters can get smoothed out from where they currently sit.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, AAA's hope for one of the TripleMania shows this year is to have Vikingo face either former AAA Mega Champion Kenny Omega or recent free agent Kota Ibushi. However, AAA may have work to do in securing at least Omega in terms of re-establishing a strong relationship with Tony Khan following what went down with FTR in Acapulco. There, FTR dropped the AAA Tag Team Titles to Dragon Lee and Dralistico at December's Night Of Champions in spite of Tony Khan being aware in advance that Lee had agreed to a deal with WWE.

It's believed that Khan may have been under the impression at some point that it'd be AEW's own Rush tagging with Dralistico to beat FTR for the title change instead. But AAA used Lee in that spot as a favor to WWE — in spite of whether or not it made sense to have a champion that minutes later would vacate the championship with his exit — with WWE desiring to stick it to AEW in how things played out. 

AAA booker Konnan did go to Orlando at the end of January hoping to improve the situation between both promotions and deal with any repercussions. How that went is so far anyone's guess.