Bronson Reed Is Excited To Test Himself Against This Top WWE Star

Bronson Reed returned to WWE recently after being released in 2021. It hasn't taken long for Reed to make a mark either, as he will be part of the United States Championship Elimination Chamber match at the upcoming premium live event. When asked about his return and upcoming match on "After The Bell," he said that he loves "testing [himself] against the biggest names in the business."

That match features six of "WWE Raw's" top talents, but the one person that he is focused on is Seth Rollins, who heads into the match as one of the favorites to win due to his history of title wings in the business. "I definitely want to test myself against Seth Rollins because whenever I am in there with someone of his caliber it just brings out the best in me," he said. "I prove to all those people that I am there for a reason."

Even though Reed is one of the biggest men on the roster, he believes that he is "still the underdog in people's eyes." Furthermore, he believes the fact he is an Australian wrestler could be a factor in that he feels like the country has a bad rap.

"I feel like the wrestling world, and even some of the people in the wrestling world don't give Australia the respect it deserves when it comes to pro wrestling," he said. "We have a rich history in our country. I think people forget the history that the country has in wrestling, they think it's a bit like, 'oh maybe these guys don't know what they're doing,' sort of thing, but that's definitely not it."

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