Jeff Jarrett Comments On Jerry Lawler Health Scare

It was disclosed last week that Jerry Lawler had suffered a stroke and was rushed to a local medical facility for emergency surgery; the 73-year-old had previously experienced a similar occurrence in 2018. Positive news later emerged, revealing that "The King" was expected to make a full recovery. The WWE Hall of Famer eventually moved out of ICU and was set to return home. Current All Elite Wrestling Director of Business Development Jeff Jarrett has provided his thoughts on Lawler's recent medical setback.

"I just saw this recently with his health scare. Again, 'The King' is gonna pull down that strap again," Jarrett said on the "Under the Ring" podcast. "I'm not gonna say for the last time because it'll happen over and over and over, and he's gonna make his big comeback. But, yes, positive, great news coming off his health situation."

It isn't the first time Lawler has made the headlines for experiencing difficulties with his health. In September 2012, the former "WWE Raw" commentator collapsed while calling the action on the red-branded show. Lawler had performed in a match earlier that night; he successfully teamed up with Randy Orton against Dolph Ziggler and then-WWE Champion CM Punk. It was later determined that "The King" had suffered a heart attack. The Memphis-born wrestling legend returned home seven days after receiving treatment at a medical facility. Lawler stepped back into the ring on the independent scene the following year and is still an active performer. His most recent match took place on January 21 for America's Most Liked Wrestling in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

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