D-Von Dudley Names Current And All-Time Greatest Tag Teams

D-Von Dudley is proud of his accomplishments but he's doing his best to keep his career in proper context and recommends most tag teams follow suit. The multi-time tag team champion was asked about who he believes is the "best" tag team of all time in a recent interview with Steve Fall on "The Ten Count."


"That's hard because every era will dispute [the best]," Dudley said. "My era will dispute today's era because of what we've done during that era, and I'm sure 20-30 years from now, whoever is holding the title around now will be claiming to be the greatest tag team in the history of the business ... like FTR, Revival. They are claiming that now, which is fine and you have a lot of people that are watching them today that are pretty much agreeing with them, but again, this is their era."

D-Von says he likes to avoid the term "all time" because it "all depends on the era you did your job in." Dudley says that previous tag teams like The Hart Foundation, the Rock N' Roll Express, and The Road Warriors, all had different accomplishments than people of D-Von and his partner Bully Ray's generation.


The Hall of Famer believes that he and his long-time tag partner deserve to be in the conversation but continues to quantify his and Bully Ray's claim as the best tag team, as the bespectacled duo based so much of themselves on their own heroes, The Road Warriors. 

As for the current crop's greatest, in D-Von's eyes, it's the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Jimmy and Jey Uso. The WWE Hall of Famer noted that he appreciated the tandem asking permission before they began using The Dudleys' 3D finishing move, and re-titling it "Day One."