Nick Aldis Discusses Opportunities He's Received After Quitting NWA

Former two-time NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis has opened up on pursuing more opportunities following his NWA exit. Back in November 2022, Aldis announced that he had requested his release from the promotion. He is now a free agent and recently revealed that he's got some other ventures outside of wrestling that he'd like to explore.


During an "AdFreeShows" interview, Aldis explained what his NWA exit has allowed him to do.

"It was as much about I want to have the freedom to just try s*** and not sort of be expected to do it with the NWA," Aldis said. "I just shot a pilot for an idea I had for a show a few weeks ago in St. Louis, and the guys who I did that with were guys who I met when we did the stuff in St. Louis. I've made a lot of contacts, although I met them through wrestling, they're not necessarily just wrestling-related contacts and resources."

Aldis said it was a no-brainer for him to leave NWA since he wanted to have the ability to "stick a few irons in the fire." He said certain things would've been difficult if he had partnerships with other companies that wanted nothing to do with NWA. The English star said it was especially hard for that conversation to go smoothly with NWA President Billy Corgan.


Aldis admitted the comfort of his regular check may have delayed the process of his leaving. He joked that fans are probably looking at him like he's crazy for leaving a steady gig, and understands the line between confidence and insanity is very thin.

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