KUSHIDA Compares NJPW Academy To A California Roll

New Japan Pro-Wrestling's KUSHIDA is a big advocate for the company's Los Angeles dojo. In a recent official interview with NJPW, KUSHIDA compared the LA training school to a popular American sushi roll — the California Roll.

"With nearly 51 years of history, NJPW is part of the fabric in Japan," KUSHIDA said. "But while we run in the US, the question is how to get into the broader culture. Like, people know what a California Roll is, right?" The former WWE star stated that people from Japan might not see a California Roll as "proper sushi," but it's still good food, and a wrestling equivalent could create more interest in the Japanese style in the United States.

For those who aren't familiar with KUSHIDA's sushi reference, a California Roll is a type of roll that originated in the United States rather than Japan, featuring imitation crab, cucumber, and avocado on the inside rather than legitimate seafood, to cater to the American palate.

"If we're able to get more American independent wrestlers through our doors and on into the world, you'll see the results," KUSHIDA continued, "And you'll see NJPW take root across the country." The company has gained a lot of attention in the United States last few years, as the prominence of stars like Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks, and Cody Rhodes helped bring more American eyes to the product. Following their departure from the company, NJPW's recent working relationship with AEW has helped keep them visible in the eyes of TV audiences, and the company clearly hopes to continue these trends with its Los Angeles dojo.