Backstage News On Potential Main Roster Plans For Carmelo Hayes

Carmelo Hayes has been a standout since arriving to "WWE NXT" in 2021; with "NXT" being WWE's developmental brand, its stars usually move up to "WWE Raw" or "WWE SmackDown." While Hayes' main roster debut has yet to be confirmed, The Wrestling Observer reports that there has been discussion regarding him making the jump. With Hayes potentially coming to "Raw" or "SmackDown," it was also reported that there have been discussions of him joining a faction seemingly returning to the roster — The Hurt Business. Manager of The Hurt Business, MVP, has praised Hayes in the past, and compared himself to the former North American Champion, so the two joining forces would not be an utter shock.

While there are reported talks regarding Hayes moving to the main roster, his work on "NXT" is not yet complete. It appears that Hayes will take on "NXT" Champion Bron Breakker in the main event of Stand and Deliver on Saturday, April 1. If Hayes was to win the match and the championship, he would likely stay in "NXT," as it has been uncommon for wrestlers to win a title in "NXT" and then immediately vacate it with a move to "Raw" or "SmackDown." If Hayes was to lose to Breakker, there is great possibility that may be one of, if not, his last match in "NXT" for now.

Despite Hayes potentially joining The Hurt Business faction, at the moment, the group does not yet exist. MVP has been managing Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander recently and consulting the tag team in the back — however, former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley has yet to return to the Hurt Business fold.