Mick Foley Says He's 'Privileged' To Have Known Jerry Jarrett

The professional wrestling world has shown an outpouring of support in light of Jerry Jarret's death this past week, and you can add WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley to that list. This week on "Foley Is Pod," he took a few minutes at the top of the show to sound his appreciation for the "last great territory promoter." As it happens, "The Hardcore Legend" didn't have the correct accompanying photo at first, due to a mistake by his assistant.

"You reached out to me and let me know that the gentleman whose photo was on my post was not Jerry Jarrett," Foley told Conrad Thompson. "I was panicking."

The photo was of Lance Russell, the late pro wrestling announcer who, like Jarrett, made a name for himself in the Memphis region for more than 30 years. With that hiccup out of the way, Foley described his relationship with the Memphis Wrestling Hall of Famer as being nothing but positive.

"Jerry gave me my first full-time job, which was in Memphis," he said. "How thankful I am that Jerry Jarrett hired me." Their relationship didn't end there. "Not only hired me in Memphis, but even more importantly when he purchased the World Class territory," where Foley went on to receive even more attention and break out.

The last time the two spoke, Jarrett had nothing but kind words to say. "I feel really privileged to have known him," Foley added, and their relationship grew even further with the birth of TNA, which Jarrett founded. "He talked to me for over an hour when TNA was becoming a reality ... and got so many people their start. Nothing but respect for Jerry. My deepest condolences go out to Jeff."

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