Gangrel Explains Why He Hasn't Watched AEW In Months

While Gangrel might still be competing regularly and appearing at different conventions, that doesn't mean the former WWE Superstar is constantly watching wrestling. The former WWE Superstar admitted to "K&S WrestleFest" that he hasn't watched AEW in months. However, that isn't down to him not liking the product, it is simply because "there's just too much wrestling."

Gangrel has had links with the company previously as he appeared on an episode of "AEW Rampage" back in May of last year, where he came out alongside The Young Bucks who were impersonating The Hardy Boyz during their feud. Meanwhile, he also had a hand in training Paige VanZant ahead of her in-ring debut for the company, but he does believe that there is one negative issue with the roster.

"There's a lot of young guys in AEW, there's too many. The problem with AEW is I can't focus on one thing, I get to see somebody and then they put 30 other people in," he said. One man that was brought up to Gangrel as a potential star was Sammy Guevera, but the former Brood leader believes he is "going to kill himself, he's always falling off the top of things."

While he hasn't caught AEW in a while, Gangrel did reveal that he watched the recent Royal Rumble premium live event, and he singled out Damian Priest as someone that he likes in the business at the moment. "He was a big Brood fan so it was cool when I got to see him do some stuff with Edge, and they worked that program," Gangrel said. "I was very excited for Damian."

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