Eric Bischoff Says Triple H Taking Over WWE Creative Has Paid 'Huge Dividends'

Following Vince McMahon's "retirement" from WWE on July 22, 2022 — which lasted barely five months before he returned as Chairman of the BoardTriple H became Chief Content Officer of WWE. Many were intrigued to see what direction Triple H would take the company creatively, as he was once the head of creative for "WWE NXT" during its hottest period as a brand.

While on "83 Weeks," WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff weighed in on Triple H taking over as Chief Content Officer, and what he heard in Triple H's voice at the post-Elimination Chamber press conference. "If anything came through in that press conference from Triple H, at least, one word to define it and that would be passion," Bischoff said. "If anybody's got any doubt about how and why WWE has turned things around so quickly over the last six or nine months, creatively speaking, I would say Paul Levesque and team ... are probably now being able to do what they're capable of doing without the kind of duress of tearing up scripts the day of the show and, you know, panicking over grammar and rough drafts and things like that. It's like, all of their focus is on the story itself and the quality of that story and it just paid huge dividends."

Since Triple H has taken over the reigns of WWE creative, there have been big changes to both "WWE Raw" and "WWE SmackDown" — such as the Intercontinental and United States Championships being booked to feel more important and typically featured in longer matches on WWE TV.

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