Former WWE Star Stevie Richards Apparently Dealing With Numerous Health Issues

As entertaining as it can be, pro wrestling is a hard business on those that have participated in it — especially those that wrestled years ago, when harder bumps, chair shots to the head, and other factors were more frequent. As such, it's left many wrestlers in a bad way, and Stevie Richards, at only 51 years old, is starting to feel those effects.

In a recent Instagram post, a bearded Richards posted a photo of himself with a walker in a hospital gown, revealing that he's been dealing with numerous health issues.

"The last 4 weeks, especially the last one, have really been something else," Richards said. "We aren't quite at the finish line yet, but hopefully the road to recovery starts asap. I will be explaining what has happened and documenting my road to recovery on the YouTube channel as well as here. Speaking of the YouTube channel, we have plenty of videos to edit/publish- so there will still be new content as we work through this. Please subscribe to stay updated and for the normal fitness reviews."

While Richards didn't detail the cause of his issues, PWInsider has since reported that the former ECW, WCW, and WWE star has been dealing with back and spine issues. Sources further indicated that the issues have gotten significantly worse in the past few weeks, likely necessitating the hospital trip and the requirement of a walker.

Richards famously injured his neck while working for ECW in early 1997, after being hit in the neck and back with a guardrail by Terry Funk. The injury required surgery for Richards, though he quickly returned to action that August upon signing with WCW. Though it's unclear if his current health issues are related, the injury has negatively affected Richards over the years.