Nikki Bella Misses Wrestling And Wishes She Could Come Back To WWE

Nikki Bella last performed in the ring when she entered the 2022 women's Royal Rumble match. Before that, the former WWE Divas Champion had not stepped inside the squared circle since unsuccessfully challenging Ronda Rousey for the "Raw" Women's Championship on a 2018 house show in Rome, Italy. Now, Bella focuses on her young family, her reality show, "Nikki Bella Says I Do," and several business ventures, but does she ever think about returning to WWE?

"I miss it a lot," Bella said on "The Sessions with Renée Paquette" podcast. "Every time I go do cardio, and I put on my music, I'm thinking storylines and cutting promos ... I miss it. I miss it so much. I watch every now and then, and it's only the women's stuff. But, it's like, I'll watch certain matches, and I'm like, 'Oh. That'd be so fun to be a part of.' ... But yeah, I wish I could be back [in WWE]. I would love to go back to do things, but it's just different when you're a mom."

Bella almost returned to WWE last month when she was advertised for the special "Raw is XXX" episode in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. However, the WWE Hall of Famer later revealed that she could not make the show due to other media commitments. Notably, Bella and her sister Brie criticized WWE on social media following "Raw's" 30th-anniversary show due to the lack of female stars that appeared, especially from WWE's Women's Revolution, while suggesting that the company was selective on which legends they brought in.

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