Lio Rush Says He Could Return To AEW Despite 'Animosity' With Tony Khan

Lio Rush's stint with AEW was rather short. He debuted at Double or Nothing 2021 before eventually signing a contract in September. Rush then made his "AEW Dynamite" debut in November but only worked four matches before he decided to become a free agent when his contract was up in February. The 28-year-old recently appeared on "Insight" and explained that despite the creative frustrations he had there, he thinks "anything is possible" regarding a potential AEW return.

Before becoming a free agent, Rush publicly called out AEW President and CEO Tony Khan on Twitter over comments he made regarding Big Swole's AEW departure. Although the two hashed it out privately, Rush says there's "probably" still some animosity there. "I mean how could there not be," Rush said. "I like Tony a lot. I really like Tony. I think that's the first time I'm saying that out loud... Tony liked me a lot. I feel like we connected pretty quickly and I feel like that's why there was a lot of emotion involved. I probably shouldn't have brought the emotion out, but again, I'm glad I did. I'm glad I showed people that I stand for something [and that] I care about myself and I care about others. It's not always about a paycheck to me."

Rush revealed that he's talked to Khan "a number of times" over the last year, whether it's simply been exchanging pleasantries or Rush popping in when AEW events are near him. He believes the love and support from Khan is still there but is enjoying what he is currently doing. As of late, Rush has been active in New Japan Pro-Wrestling and GCW.

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "Insight" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.