Cornette Family Says They Are Not Affiliated With 'Cult Of Cornette' Facebook Group

Jim Cornette is many, many things: former wrestling manager, promoter, booker, commentator, personality, and a man known for giving many opinions, some of which have led to him having heat with certain wrestlers or even losing his job. But there is one thing someone can safely say that Cornette is not: associated with the Facebook group known as the Cult of Cornette. That's at least according to someone who would know Cornette best, his wife, Stacey. After rumors emerged that the Cult of Cornette was making statements on their namesakes' behalf, Stacey sent the following message to PWInsider, disputing such claims.

"The Cult of Cornette Facebook group is an UNOFFICAL [sic] fan page," Stacey Cornette wrote. "That's all. The ADMINS decided to go into business [sic] for themselves posting on Jim behalf AND removed and blocked me from the group! LOL classy. They DO NOT speak for Jim smh. 

"They do not have authorization to sell merchandise AND we have never heard about any of these charities that they're supposedly giving proceeds to. There is NO authorized store on Pro Wrestling Ts etc. All lies. Weve [sic] had NO involvment [sic] with the Cult of Cornette FB page for quite sometime now. Please share this info so fans of Jims dont get swindled by these goofs. Thanks, Mrs C."

As of this writing, Cornette himself has yet to comment on the situation. The lack of association with the Cult of Cornette will however free up the former "NWA Powerrr" commentator to focus on his usual activities, such as his podcast, the "Jim Cornette Experience," and his seemingly never-ending feud with Kenny Omega, though that's been in a lull for almost a year.