KUSHIDA Hosted Wrestling Seminar After NJPW Battle In The Valley

KUSHIDA may have opened the show at NJPW's Battle in the Valley in an eight-man tag match last weekend, but his weekend wasn't done after helping his team score a pinfall victory.

The six-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion held a wrestling seminar at Pro Wrestling Revolution's wrestling school on Sunday, the day after the San Jose event. Not only did local performers attend the class, according to NJPW, but "wrestlers from as far afield as New York and Florida were on hand to take advantage of the learning opportunity."

As part of the seminar, KUSHIDA and his fellow trainer The DKC first ran attendees through warmups and mat work, with exercises and drills used to showcase form. From there, tips and tricks were given by The DKC on pinfall and submission combinations. Each trainee was also given one-on-one time prior to putting on five-minute exhibitions, allowing the wrestlers to display what they had learned through KUSHIDA's wisdom.  

"It's really heartening that New Japan of America can have collaborations like these," Kushida told NJPW. "It shows how loved NJPW is around the world. And it was a great seminar today too – everyone here has a lot of love and dedication to the business and that showed."

This comes on the heels of the announcement of the NJPW Academy opening this March at the LA Dojo, which KUSHIDA remarked will be like a "university" for pro wrestling hopefuls looking to become Young Lions with the promotion. "I really think that pipeline has a ton of potential," he said.