Mia Yim Reflects On Choice Between WWE And Impact, What Factored Into Her Decision

Mia Yim had a major decision to make this past fall — stay in Impact Wrestling or return to WWE. Yim's short-term contract was up after Bound For Glory in October, and the new WWE regime was interested in bringing her back following her release one year prior. "Michin" recently appeared on "Out of Character" and explained to Ryan Satin what all factored into her decision.

"I was very, very happy at Impact," Yim said. "Still, I got nothing but positive things to say about them. But it was one of those — so many things happened in life where like real life and business, where there were so many changes in one year that it was like, 'Okay, stay with Impact or try again in WWE to have a better outcome, to have a better narrative.'"

Yim explained that she enjoyed the time she spent in "NXT" for two years, but her main roster run could have gone differently. She didn't want to have any "what ifs" about a potential WWE return and also considered her future as it related to wanting to have kids and also wanting to take care of her own mother. Ultimately, Yim to returned to WWE in November.

"I want to be able to take care of my mom," Yim added. "Going to WWE would allow me to do that easier and faster. So, it was kind of a decision where I need to take care of everybody else. I need to do something for me mentally to know that, 'Okay, if I could be myself, how far could I have gone in WWE to know how far it could have gone, but also to help my family as well?"