GUNTHER Knows WWE Fans Want To See Him Wrestle Brock Lesnar

WWE Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER has been on a tear over the last year or so, brushing aside everyone that's come in his path. But perhaps there is one massive superstar who can give him his toughest test yet. During this year's men's Royal Rumble match, GUNTHER and Brock Lesnar had a brief encounter, where the former got in a single chop and some knees to the midsection of Lesnar, but that was all he could get as "The Beast Incarnate" planted him with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.


During an appearance on WWE's "The Bump," GUNTHER said the short exchange with Lesnar confirmed that there is fan demand for that match.

"It was a super exciting moment for me," GUNTHER said. "So, obviously, Brock, as a competitor, I was always impressed with. I said it before: people call me kind of like the end boss in situations, but Brock might be my personal end boss. I think that moment we had was all I needed out of it right now. Basically, real-life confirmation that the audience is up for that."

The "WWE SmackDown" star said his focus at the moment is to continue his reign as Intercontinental Champion but also stated that a match with Lesnar is something he's aiming for down the road. 


GUNTHER's desire to share the ring with Lesnar shouldn't come as a surprise. He recently appeared on the "Battleground Podcast" and said that he was a fan of Lesnar when he first got into the wrestling business. At the time, he said that if he ever has the chance to prove himself in the ring with Lesnar, he'd gladly accept the challenge.

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "The Bump," with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.