Freddie Prinze Jr. Says Dana White Should Have Paid Up For Lesnar Vs. Lashley In UFC

Freddie Prinze Jr. still wonders why UFC owner Dana White never made Brock Lesnar versus Bobby Lashley a pay-per-view matchup for the MMA promotion.

The two WWE stars both left the company in the mid-2000s to try their hand at legitimate combat sports, but the two crossover stars never crossed paths outside the squared circle — until now, that is. In recent months, Lesnar and Lashley have clashed a few times, delivering high-intensity in-ring matchups and what Prinze Jr. said were surprisingly entertaining back-and-forths on the mic.

"The stories they've told in between with Brock on the mic and Bobby on the mic –- and that's neither one of their strong suits, although they've both gotten better over the years -– I've enjoyed and I've been wanting to watch," Prinze Jr. said on his "Wrestling with Freddie" podcast this week.

The former WWE creative team member was recapping WWE's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, where Lashley and Lesnar squared off in a match that ended with Lashley winning via disqualification.

"I wonder why UFC could never make that fight," Prinze Jr. said. "If I'm Dana White, I'm telling Bobby Lashley, here's $5 million. Then you give Brock $5 million, give him a piece of the pay-per-view and walk home with hundreds of millions of dollars."

Prinze Jr. said WWE Chairman Vince McMahon "would've lost his mind" if he had to watch two former WWE stars make money for another fight promotion. Lashley won both the Shark Fights Heavyweight Championship and the XFN Heavyweight Championship in MMA, while Lesnar famously won the UFC Heavyweight Championship, a title considered to be the top prize in MMA.