Eric Bischoff Thinks Sami Zayn Cut The Best Promos Of 2022

Sami Zayn's name has popped up on many year-end awards lists and ballots due to his lengthy WWE storyline with The Bloodline. His star rose even further in the first couple months of 2023 after turning on Roman Reigns and then putting on a compelling in-ring performance against "The Tribal Chief" at Elimination Chamber. Now, WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff is singing the praises of Zayn's promo work for Sportskeeda's 2022 Wrestling Awards.

"I'm gonna go with Sami Zayn," Bischoff said. "The reason I'm going with Sami is because Sami's promos are so strong, and they've helped catapult Sami from the middle of the roster to the very top. A lot of that was based on, not just his promo skills, but I think the passion that he conveyed and the way he conveyed it touched the hearts of so many people." Bischoff reiterated that it's one thing to go out and deliver a great dialogue, but Zayn is at the top of his list because he made fans feel while also elevating his own status.

Zayn was specifically chosen as his pick over the likes of MJF, Paul Heyman, and Cody Rhodes. Despite that, Bischoff still believes Rhodes delivered "powerful" promos and that MJF is in "another universe" with his skills on the mic, as demonstrated during his feuds with CM Punk and Jon Moxley before he became AEW World Champion. Bischoff also spoke highly of Heyman, noting that no one really compares to him because he's "amazing" at what he does.