Dominik Mysterio Confronts His Father Rey And Charlotte Flair On WWE SmackDown

Dominik Mysterio had a busy night on "WWE SmackDown." Not only did he confront his father Rey once again and cost him yet another match — this time against Karrion Kross — he also spoke on behalf of his "Mami," Rhea Ripley, ahead of her WrestleMania 39 showdown with "SmackDown" Women's Champion Charlotte Flair.

Earlier in the evening, Mysterio and Ripley interrupted a nice moment between Rey and Santos Escobar, and Dom proceeded to belittle his father. That wouldn't be the last of it. But first, it was time for The Eradicator of The Judgment Day to face off with Flair. Only, it was Dominik who came to the ring instead. He went on about how he and Flair were both generational superstars, that they often get compared to their fathers but surpass them anyway.

The "SmackDown" Women's Champion took issue with that, instead telling Dominik that she loves her dad and that if he were here, he'd kick Mysterio's butt. Throw a little romance chatter in there, and Flair seemed more amused than anything. When she finally stepped to him, Ripley made her entrance to make the save, delivering on their promised face-off.

But the young man wasn't done for the evening. Near the end of the night, Rey looked to have Kross beat and had him set up for the 619, only for Dom to swoop in and prevent his father from connecting. Kross locked in the Kross Jacket shortly after, and that was that. Then, the father and son met face-to-face in the ring yet again. But despite the constant egging by Dominik, demanding his father "do something" and "hit him," Rey Mysterio walked away once more.