Kevin Nash Says Triple H Has Made A 'Work Of Art' With Sami Zayn Story In WWE

Paul "Triple H" Levesque has been WWE's Chief Content Officer since September 2022. Many fans and pundits have noticed key changes in WWE's storytelling since the former 14-time world champion was handed the keys to the creative kingdom. One two-time WWE Hall of Famer who has taken notice of Levesque's work is Kevin Nash, who is also a close, longtime friend of "The Game." During an episode of "Kliq This", Nash discussed his friend's passion for the wrestling business.

"I know that he loves it, but he also loves the industry," Nash said. "He absolutely loves the industry." Nash is also impressed by what Triple H has done with The Bloodline story, particularly how fans have grown attached to former "Honorary Uce" Sami Zayn. "Big Sexy" asked, "When was the last time WWE storytelling had anything that could touch the emotion with the Sami Zayn situation?" Nash feels Levesque has settled into his role nicely, and the success of The Bloodline story is proof of that.

"When he first took over and I just said he's got a blank canvas, I'm really looking forward to seeing what Paul paints, and he f***ing — I mean, I think it's a work of art," Nash said. Nash admitted that when it comes down to watching wrestling or sports, he'll often choose sports. He believes that every time WWE's ratings drop, it is not due to "The Cerebral Assassin"s creative ideas, but rather due to sports taking a cut of the viewership.

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