Jake Roberts Says His New Job In AEW Is To Help People Develop Their Characters

Since its 2019 inception, AEW has produced many high quality matches and wrestlers — however, a common criticism is that the company has not developed characters well. Character can help set apart a certain wrestler from the rest of the pack, without them even wrestling a certain style. AEW seemingly has new help in this department, as Jake "The Snake" Roberts — who has been critical of AEW's character issues in the past — discussed his new role within the organization.


"They're not taking their time to develop characters," Roberts said appearing on "WrestleRant." "They've got a lot of great athletes going out there, flying through the air, doing just inconceivable things to their bodies, and at the end of the night, nothing sticks, you know? It's like, 'What was that? What are they going to do next?' It's because there is not a character involved and I'd like to see them start working on their characters. Of course, they'll do that with interviews. That will help a lot and hopefully I'll be able to help some of those guys make better interviews. That's my, that's my new job at AEW and hopefully I'll do a good job of it."

Roberts excelled at character work during his time in the ring; despite not winning championship gold in WWE or WCW, he is remembered by many for his promos, persona, and feuds against talents such as Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat" and Andre the Giant. Along with helping wrestlers backstage moving forward, Roberts will also seemingly continue to be the onscreen manager of Lance Archer, who picked up a dominating win on the February 24 "AEW Rampage."


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