Bobby Fish Opens Up About How His AEW Run Went Off The Rails

For a while, it seemed that Bobby Fish had a long-term future in AEW. Prior to his departure, the company teased a feud between him, Kyle O'Reilly, and Adam Cole vs. The Elite. However, Fish's contract expired in 2022 and he chose not to re-sign with the company, allowing him to join Impact Wrestling and embark on a combat sports career.


In a recent interview with the Going Broadway Podcast, Fish opened up about his reasons for leaving AEW, revealing that he and management couldn't come to terms on a new deal. "I would say [the departure] was amicable. We just didn't see the same numbers." He also believes it didn't help that Cole and O'Reilly were on the shelf with long-term injuries at the time. As of this writing, O'Reilly has yet to return to action, but Cole's in-ring return has been confirmed.

Despite not seeing eye to eye with management over a new AEW deal, Fish believes that the door is open for both parties to do business again. He said that he's still on good terms with his former colleagues, including AEW President Tony Khan, and they still speak whenever they bump into each other.


That being said, Fish also feels that AEW failed to capitalize on having three of the four Undisputed Era members in the same company, stating that they could have done more as a unit. "If you don't maximize the opportunity with us, I'm gonna feel that there was some money left on the table. So yeah, I think there could have been more done." However, Fish also accepted that the timing was unfortunate, especially regarding his stablemates' injuries.