Dominik Mysterio Has Talked With Vickie Guerrero About Current WWE Storyline

Dominik Mysterio has not been subtle with his Eddie Guerrero references since becoming a member of The Judgment Day.

Be it referring to Rhea Ripley as his "Mami" or adopting Eddie's mannerisms, fashion sense, and mullet, Mysterio has exuded swagger that would have made his late storyline dad proud.


Although fans on social media have been digging Mysterio's new persona, the Dominik-Eddie comparisons have drawn the ire of the Guerrero family on social media. Shaul Guerrero, Eddie's daughter, referred to the WWE storyline as "seriously stupid," and Vickie Guerrero, Eddie's widow, flat out said that Mysterio "will never be Eddie in any shape or form" and that fans comparing her husband to Rey Mysterio's son is "plain disrespectful."

It's seems likely Vickie was playing into the fan backlash with those comments, seeing as Mysterio apparently got her blessing to emulate Eddie. During his recent appearance on the "Cheap Heat" podcast, Mysterio was asked if he's had a chance to discuss his on-screen metamorphosis with Vickie. 


"Yes, but very little," Mysterio replied. "I get goosebumps every time I talk about him. I understand that in no way, shape, or form do I hold a candle to this man — be it in-ring or anything he's done. I understand that. That said, I use everything to my advantage. Obviously, the people hate it, and they hate me for doing it. 

"At the end of the day, that's Uncle Eddie, that's dad. In WWE storyline, that's my dad. So, I'm going to steal whatever I can and I'm gonna use it to my advantage."

'I reached out to Vickie To Ask Her Permission'

As part of his portrayal of the "Eddie Guerrero of this generation," Mysterio wanted to cover of all his bases, which is why he felt a phone call to Vickie — even prior to the Judgment Day storyline — was warranted.


"Being able to talk to Vickie, it's been little things here and there," Mysterio said. "She'll reach out and be like, 'I love what you're doing.' I'll reach out to here and go, 'Hey, hopefully this is okay.' Little things like that. I just never want any problems with the Guerrero family. It's all love and respect at the end of the day. Even before [the Judgment Day storyline] started, I asked someone in WWE if I could reach out to Vickie and ask her, 'Is this okay?'" 

Mysterio felt things were "getting a little out of hand" when he grew out the mullet and some fans perceived it as a sign of disrespect towards Eddie. 

"I don't ever want [the Guerrero family] to think that I'm taking advantage of anything," Mysterio clarified. "End of the day, it's all love and respect for Eddie and admiration for what he did. Eddie and my dad nudged me into this business when I was an 8-year-old. He planted that seed without me even knowing, and I'm forever grateful."


'It's really cool to see the impact Eddie had'

Mysterio has also started to perform Eddie's signature shimmy, something that  Cheap Heat" host Peter Rosenberg reckons must be making Eddie smile from above.

"Believe it or not, I feel his presence in there," Mysterio said. "There are certain times when I know he's there. There's no other explanation for what's happening other than Eddie. Why would we be in the middle of nowhere and people are chanting Eddie's name? He's just always there, man, and it's really awesome."


With Eddie Guerrero's influence still felt across the wrestling industry 17 years after his untimely death, Mysterio was asked if his WWE colleagues have ever asked him to share his experience of working a storyline with the late wrestler, albeit as an a kid. 

"It's such an honor and blessing to be even able to say that," Mysterio said. "I got a chance to work with Eddie, like, as a kid, man. That's such a blessing. I've never really had any conversations with any of the superstars about that, but there's one story that I've shared before, and I hope she's okay with me sharing it.

"We were in El Paso, where Eddie's grave is. My dad and I went to visit it a few years ago, and Peyton Royce was just sitting there and crying. She was just emotional, mourning him. I can't say that she's ever met him. Obviously he had a huge impact on her life, but I don't think they've ever conversated or met. And she was there by herself. I remember my dad pulled her aside and went, 'This means the world.' It's really cool to see the impact Eddie had on people he didn't even meet."


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