Christopher Daniels Reveals He Wasn't Part Of The Original Plan For MJF Dynamite Promo

During the February 15 episode of "AEW Dynamite" in Laredo, AEW World Champion MJF appeared in the ring and cut a promo on his AEW Revolution opponent Bryan Danielson. Before it was over, MJF called out Christopher Daniels, who revealed MJF was going to pay him to come out and trash talk the "American Dragon." Daniels ultimately praised Danielson for his accomplishments before MJF laid him out.

The "Fallen Angel" recently spoke to PWMania and revealed his inclusion in the segment wasn't the original plan.

"It was a bit of a surprise. That wasn't the original plan," Daniels revealed. "There was an idea to do something with someone else from Bryan's past. At the 11th hour, it all fell through, and we were in Laredo and scrambled for a backup plan. I remember speaking with MJF and Jerry Lynn, and I told them I've known Bryan since 2001, so I could help out. Once I threw that suggestion out, we kicked the idea around. Max and I took an opportunity to go back and forth about what my relationship with Bryan was, and how we would steer this particular segment. I was really happy. I'm always happy to contribute to the on-screen product."

The 52-year-old isn't as active onscreen or in the ring as he used to be as he also serves as a producer behind the scenes. Daniels last competed on the February 3 episode of "AEW Rampage" against RUSH and is set to be featured on Ring of Honor programming in the coming weeks.