Mance Warner Released From Jail After Hitting Real1 With A Car

Mance Warner is officially "out of the slammer," one week after the MLW star was arrested for hitting Real1 with a car in the parking lot of the old ECW Arena.

"Mance is a free man, baby!" the MLW wrestler yelled in a new video, crashing through what appeared to be a prison door and meeting up with Second Gear Crew stable members Matthew Justice and 1 Called Manders, the latter of whom gave him a beer.

"Guys, I've been in there too long. Here's the deal, I know I owe you money now, I'll pay you back," Mance said, implying his two friends bailed him out. "I know I hit a man with a car, he had it coming."

"I'm just glad you did it, dude," Manders told Mance, which got him excited and led him to hug his two friends. 

Mance was arrested (in kayfabe) after hitting Real1 (fka WWE's Enzo Amore) with a car last week on "MLW Underground." After crashing into Real1, Mance got out of the car and made no attempt to conceal his identity, warning his victim to never "steal from a redneck."

Mance has always been a wild card for MLW. At one point, he told the promotion he'd been away for several years because he was in Canada having a "feud with a bear." And he doesn't appear to be slowing down either, telling the Second Gear Crew now that he's out of prison, they should all "head over to MLW and fight" as soon as possible.