Details On William Regal's Behind-The-Scenes Role In WWE

William Regal ended his brief stint with All Elite Wrestling at the tail end of last year to rejoin WWE. The 2008 King of the Ring winner, who was let go by the Stamford-based organization in January 2022, returned to the company to become the Vice President of Global Talent Development. A new report has shed some light on Regal's new role.

According to PWInsider, Regal attends every "WWE Raw" and "WWE SmackDown" taping. It's said that the former WWE Intercontinental Champion watches each show and takes notes on every match, later providing feedback to the talent on how they can improve. That guidance reportedly ranges from how performers can make their bouts look more realistic to how wrestlers can enhance their selling in the ring. The report indicates that Regal "is more or less giving advice on how to improve the finer points of the matches so that everyone can look stronger inside the ring."

Regal is no stranger to assisting with talent development behind the curtain in WWE. In 2015, he became a trainer at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. In the past, Regal had a hand in training several wrestlers, including AEW's Bryan Danielson. The wrestler-turned-coach was later given the title of WWE Director of Talent Development and Head of Global Recruiting as he expanded his roles with the company. In a recent interview, the former "WWE NXT" General Manager revealed that he is now "quite happy not being in the limelight" after featuring in one of AEW's key storylines involving the Blackpool Combat Club.