Bully Ray Praises WWE For Characters And Storytelling, Criticizes AEW For Lack Thereof

Wrestling fans aren't the only ones who compare WWE and AEW. Talent throughout the industry do it publicly as well and oftentimes spark debate over their stance. Bully Ray, who is no stranger to expressing his opinion, recently appeared on "Insight" and discussed the differences in character development and storytelling between the top two promotions in the United States.

"If WWE is teaching us one thing right now, it's that character development and storytelling works," Ray said. "AEW fans will say, 'Well, we're doing storytelling,' and Tony will say, 'Well, we're doing storytelling.' In your mind, it might be a story that's going to last three months, but where's the depth? Where's the real emotion other than the moves and maybe other than MJF making you hate him?" Ray then questioned why AEW pumped the brakes on Wardlow's momentum in 2022 before noting that it is a learning process because they are still a young company. Despite his complaints, he still enjoys watching "AEW Dynamite" every Wednesday.

Since Paul "Triple H" Levesque took over as WWE's Chief Content Officer last summer, fans have noticed a difference in long-term storytelling with The Bloodline, Dominik vs. Rey Mysterio, and Edge vs. Judgment Day serving as prime examples. Meanwhile, there's been an emphasis on character development throughout "WWE NXT" since the developmental rebranding happened in 2021.

AEW has also had their fair share of successful long-term storylines, but there has been criticism of late regarding the build up to AEW Revolution on March 5. Wardlow's name comes up in that conversation as he was a rising star in 2022. AEW capitalized on his momentum after he turned on MJF by having him win the TNT Championship, but then he lost it at Full Gear and shortly after disappeared for several weeks.

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "Insight" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.