Seth Rollins Recalls The Moment He Knew He'd Accidentally Turned Face

He may be a visionary and a revolutionary, but the one thing Seth "Freakin" Rollins didn't expect to be is a babyface. "The Architect" has been on the run of his career, becoming an ultra-eccentric character that cares about how wild his outfit is just as much as how hard he hits you with The Stomp; however, this run has been as a violent and deranged heel. Rollins explained the change in alignment with Corey Graves on the "After The Bell" podcast.


Rollins told Graves the moment he felt the crowd decided to cheer for him was at Madison Square Garden."[At] the end of the show, Riddle's out there doing something. And I came out to stomp his head into the steel steps, and I'm wearing this shiny, beautiful black suit. And I end the episode by stomping his head into steel steps, thinking I'm going to hear a chorus of boos when in fact, the choir is singing my song."  Once he became "The Visionary," Rollins had storied feuds with Edge and Cody Rhodes, and he felt that's where his character came into its own. He specifically cited the moment he broke into Edge's house as an eye-opening moment for him.

He also mentioned that he felt like he started hitting his stride in his new character once WWE started performing in front of live crowds again following the pandemic. "When we're doing stuff in front of no people in the Thunderdome, it's a crap shoot. It's hit or miss. You don't really know. You get the Twitter response, and then you get like your peers, and you're doing the best you can, but you don't get that visceral response from a live crowd."