Seth Rollins Sports Eye-Popping Footwear On WWE Raw

Seth Rollins turned up the volume with his outrageous fashion sense on this week's "WWE Raw," wearing a pair of large red boots that drew comparisons to footwear worn by animated characters such as Dora The Explorer and Astro Boy.

According to fans on social media, Rollins was sporting the MSCHF Big Red Boots, a pair of shoes that went viral on social media after they were announced for a February 16 release earlier this month. The shoes are said to carry a hefty price tag of $350.

The flamboyant wrestler stepped out wearing the oversized shoes during a MizTV segment, catching the A-Lister off guard with his fashion choice. On commentary, Corey Graves mentioned how Rollins was sporting "the big red boots that have set social media on fire all week" and that they had "never looked as good as they do" on the feet of Rollins.

"What are those??" The Miz emphatically asked Rollins at the start of the interview.

"It's called style, Miz!" Rollins responded. "I know you wouldn't know a damn thing about it!"

The focus would quickly shift from the shoes to Logan Paul, Rollins' rumored opponent at WrestleMania 39, as Rollins called out the YouTuber-turned-wrestler for being a clout chaser and a person who does not truly love the pro wrestling business. As Rollins vowed to kick Paul's teeth in, The Miz accused him of being "jealous" of Paul's crossover appeal and fame. At this point, tensions rose, as Rollins attacked Miz. Austin Theory then joined in the action, but Rollins fought off both the United States Champion and Miz.

Rollins then stomped The Miz with his oversized boots, drawing a loud cheer from the sold-out Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. The segment ended with Theory nailing Rollins with an A-Town Down and posing with his United States Championship. Rollins and four other men will challenge Theory for his title this Saturday inside the Elimination Chamber structure.