David Finlay Joins NJPW's Bullet Club With Gedo's Support

After years of toeing the line and being a good sport for New Japan Pro-Wrestling, David Finlay has undergone a change over the past few weeks. It started at New Japan's Battle in the Valley, where Finlay interrupted Jay White's farewell speech to lay out his former friend and rival with a brutal attack. Now, not only has Finlay sent White packing, but he also appears to have taken White's spot in his former group as well.

In a shocking move, documented by New Japan's website, Finlay has joined the long running Bullet Club stable, making his defection official at New Japan's 51st Anniversary Show. Finlay revealed the turn during his entrance for a first round matchup in the New Japan Cup against Tomohiro Ishii, with Finlay being accompanied by Bullet Club member and former manager of White, Gedo.

The move drew audible gasps from Ota City General Gymnasium crowd, and shocked reactions from both English and Japanese commentators. Oddly enough though, Gedo's presence had no bearing on the match, as Finlay pulled off the upset and defeated Ishii cleanly. After the match, Gedo cut a promo calling Finlay "The Rebel," stating that himself, Bullet Club, and the world "needed The Rebel." It is unclear at this time if this now makes Finlay the leader of Bullet Club. 

With the victory, Finlay now moves on to the second round of the New Japan Cup, where he'll battle United Empire's The Great-O-Khan. While an official date for the match hasn't been set yet, second round matches for the New Japan Cup are scheduled for March 11, 12, 13, and 15.