John Cena And Cody Rhodes Share Special Moment On WWE Raw

Remember when Cody Rhodes was serenaded with "let's go Cody" and "Cody sucks" chants during his final few months in AEW? The split reaction actually propelled Rhodes to reach out to John Cena, who spent the majority of his WWE career dealing with polarizing crowds. 


According to Rhodes, Cena told him to "be honest" with himself and understand why the crowds were reacting the way they were. More importantly, Rhodes was asked to stick to his guns. 

"Look in a mirror, and if you feel you're doing the right thing, keep doing it," Rhodes said of the advice Cena gave him. 

Rhodes admittedly stuck to his guns, and it's starting to pay off. 

On last night's "WWE Raw," Rhodes received the public stamp of approval from Cena, who proclaimed that, unlike Austin Theory, his WrestleMania 39 opponent, Rhodes was truly ready for the spotlight.

"In no way, shape or form are you ready for the WrestleMania stage," Cena told Theory. "But Boston deserves to see somebody that is. Boston, I introduce you to The American Nightmare, Cody Rhodes!"


Rhodes stepped out to a rousing ovation, following which he and Cena shared a warm embrace. Cena apparently passed on a few words of wisdom to Rhodes, who took to Twitter later in the night to give fans a sneak peek of their conversation. The relevant tweet can be seen below. 

Rhodes is currently the odds-on favorite to dethrone "The Tribal Chief" Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39. It is widely believed that Rhodes capturing the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship would catapult him to the status of the new face of WWE. If anything, last night's "Raw" was proof that Rhodes had secured the blessing of Cena to carry the WWE banner.