Booker T Sees Big Things Coming In The Future For WWE NXT Tag Team Indus Sher

Indus Sher, who are wrestling tonight on "WWE NXT Roadblock," have been dominating the brand's tag team division the past few months, with victories over the likes of the Creed Brothers and Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs. With Indus Sher undefeated as a team in recent months, many have taken notice of them, including WWE Hall of Famer and current "NXT" commentator, Booker T.


"I love those guys, Indus Sher," Booker said on "The Hall of Fame." "Those guys are so old school. They take me back to, Sanga and Veer, they take me back to what tag team wrestling once upon a time was and it was all about going out there and creating havoc." While Indus Sher are currently finding success in "NXT," there have been many "NXT" stars who did not have a successful transition to the main roster. Booker isn't worried though. "I think Sanga and Veer could really make a splash on the main roster," Booker said. "Together that's, that's two big gears. I don't need to have more than that."

Veer had a previous unsuccessful stint on WWE's main roster. Prior to his debut, Veer had been built up to be a monster, with WWE announcing his arrival many weeks in advance. Besides a victory over Rey Mysterio, Veer would not find much success by himself. Booker addressed the build for Veer's 2022 main roster run. "The build up, it was way too long because we've already seen him before," Booker said. "We had already seen Veer, so it wasn't like, and when we saw him the next time, it wasn't like he was repackaged, he was the same guy."


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