Dax Harwood Explains How FTR Return At AEW Revolution Happened, Clears Up Contract Confusion

FTR returned at AEW Revolution and set their sights on The Gunn Club and AEW World Tag Team Championships. However, the team's surprise return shouldn't be misinterpreted as a sign that Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler have re-signed with Tony Khan's wrestling promotion.


Harwood has made it known that the duo's contracts are set to expire next month, and nothing has changed. On the latest episode of "FTR with Dax," he revealed that he and Wheeler have yet to make a firm decision regarding their futures. "We're in this limbo stage right now as we've still got a month left as we're recording. We have a month and 18 days left for us to make a decision," he said before noting that he isn't worried about getting them into "any kind of peril" with AEW management for speaking so freely.

Some fans and pundits believe that FTR's absence from AEW is storyline-related, but Harwood confirmed that is not the case. The former WWE star revealed that "zero has changed" regarding their situation, but he shed some light on what motivated them to return to the company at Revolution. According to Harwood, they got a call from AEW President a few days before the pay-per-view — presumably because he heard Harwood's previous comments about being ready to return if they got the call — and they appeared to honor their contract agreement.


As of this writing, the duo is still looking at the pros and cons of potentially re-signing with AEW or returning to WWE. While money is important to Harwood and Wheeler, it isn't their main desire moving forward. "I would never play [WWE and AEW] for monetary gain. Our choice right now is strictly on happiness — that's all."