Gable Steveson Eyeing 2024 Olympic Gold Medal Chase Ahead Of Upcoming WWE Debut

It's been a year and a half since Gable Steveson signed with WWE, but fans are still waiting for him to make his official debut. The 22-year-old obviously holds quite an impressive wrestling background, as evidenced by his Olympic gold medal during the 2020 Tokyo Games as well as consecutive National Championships for the University of Minnesota. That said, his recent interview with MMA Fighting not only points towards an in-ring debut in the near future, but another gold medal run as well.

"I miss being on the mats," Steveson stated.

No matter which form it takes, his competitive fire remains. So whether it's continuing to show off his skills to the world or winning tournament after tournament, he just wants to be out there doing what he's best at. That's where the 2024 Olympic Games come into play. "I would love a second run," he added, believing he has plenty left to offer. If that were to happen, though, how would it impact his WWE status?

Steveson's biggest priority right now is WWE, that much is clear. He wants to prove that not only is he a great wrestler, but that he's capable of becoming and being an all-around entertainer as well. So while he's preparing for another Olympic run, he's in no rush to have that conversation. Until that time comes, he's also not speculating one way or the other as to how it might play out.

"I think that's a discussion when that time comes and that's a discussion for how my schedule may play out, and you never know how it may play out," Steveson admitted. "As of right now, it's a yes or no, but at the end of the day, I will be ready to compete and put on a good show as always."