Mr. Kennedy Says It Was Paul Heyman's Idea For Him To Do His Own Introduction In WWE

Ken Anderson, known in WWE as Mr. Kennedy, may not have been presented as a "top guy" during his tenure with the company, but he nonetheless carved out a prominent spot on the WWE roster between 2005 and 2009. One thing that Anderson was known for was announcing himself to the ring, and during a recent interview with "WrestlingNewsCo," the former WWE star credited Paul Heyman for coming up with the idea during Anderson's days in developmental.


"Paul Heyman came in, [and he] took over creative," Anderson said. "He was like, 'Tonight I want you to go out there, cut the ring announcer off, run him down, and then you're going to do your own introduction. Only you know how to do it.'"

The former WWE United States Champion shared that he added his own personal touch by saying his name twice, and people in the back praised him afterward, more for his entrance than the match itself. This element of Anderson's character would stick, and he would end up taking it with him to the main roster when he debuted shortly after. Anderson gives Heyman a great deal of credit for the way his career turned out, and calls himself a "Paul Heyman guy."

After Anderson's departure from WWE in 2009, he signed with TNA, eventually becoming a member of the Aces & Eights faction. He left that company in 2016, returning to the independents before eventually competing in NWA in 2019. Anderson remains semi-active in the ring, wrestling occasional matches in the independents to this day. The former WWE star also puts his iconic voice to good use, serving as a ring announcer for Top Rank Boxing.