Brock Lesnar Botch On WWE Raw Has Wrestling World Talking

Fans who were already critical of the build-up to the Brock Lesnar vs. Omos bout at WrestleMania 39 got more ammunition to bash WWE after last night's "WWE Raw."

The second hour of the show began with MVP, the manager of Omos, pronouncing that Lesnar made "the biggest mistake of his career" by accepting a match against his 7-foot, 3-inch 416-pound client. Lesnar then stepped out to confront Omos for their advertised face-to-face meeting. However, there was little talking that ensued, as Lesnar and Omos stared down each other, drawing a "Holy S–t" chant from fans in Providence, Rhode Island. 

Omos then extended a handshake to Lesnar, who accepted the courtesy before breaking into laughter. Omos refused to let go of Lesnar's hand, propelling Lesnar to stomp Omos in the feet before attempting a German Suplex. Amazingly, Omos proceeded to manhandle "The Beast" as he grabbed Lesnar by the head and tried to throw him over the top rope.

The spot was seemingly botched as Omos failed to clothesline Lesnar over the top rope in his first attempt. Eventually, Lesnar landed on his feet and retreated to the back, as he looked overwhelmed by the mighty Omos.

While the segment did the job of positioning Omos as a legitimate threat to defeat Lesnar, fans on social media were critical of the aforementioned botched spot. 

The Wrestling Observer's Bryan Alvarez wrote, "Brock and Omos literally had ONE SPOT and they botched it."

Meanwhile, WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray wrote "that segment had potential," implying that the segment did not deliver the goods. However, he did defend Omos.  

"ps...Brock / Omos spot. NOT Omos fault," Ray wrote in a follow-up tweet

The botched spot can be seen starting from the 0:50 second mark in the video below.

While Lesnar is currently the odds-on favorite to beat Omos at WrestleMania 39, the idea of "The Nigerian Giant" winning is very plausible. One of Lesnar's oldest rivals, Kurt Angle, recently said on his podcast that it was time for Lesnar "to start giving back" and that Omos would benefit enormously from defeating Lesnar.