Bianca Belair Details Her Experience Making The WWE WrestleMania Goes Hollywood Titanic Trailer

Over recent weeks, WWE has been showcasing different 'WrestleMania Goes Hollywood' trailers, a throwback to when many of the wrestlers showcased their acting chops prior to WrestlleMania 21. This time around, WWE has parodied the likes of, 'Stranger Things,' 'Top Gun,' and 'Titanic,' with the latter seeing Bianca Belair and Montez Ford taking center stage. Belair admitted to "The Whole Story Podcast" that they were excited about doing it, and they even had other WWE stars joking it would be Belair playing Jack and Ford playing Rose, rather than the movie's original gender assignments.


"They wanted him to be the one flying out about the boat," she said. "We kind of joked and tried to talk them into it, but they were like, 'no, no, no, you can be Rose.' But it was fun." The different trailers have proven to be popular, with talents such as Rhea Ripley, Seth Rollins, and The Miz getting to showcase their talents in a different way. Considering how the door has become wide open for wrestlers to head into Hollywood acting, this could be an experience that charismatic talents like Belair learn from. 

"It's really cool that we get to be part of these and in the future people are going to come back and watch ours," she said. "I actually felt like I was on the Titanic and my outfit was so close to Rose's outfit and when I looked out the way they had it set up it actually looked like I was looking at the ocean."


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