Nikki And Brie Garcia Thank And Say Goodbye To Their WWE Characters, The Bellas

Fifteen years after their WWE debut, the Bella Twins are no more. The tandem of Nikki and Brie are now known as the Garcia Twins as they pursue a new chapter of their careers away from the company that introduced them to the world. But before the WWE Hall of Famers said goodbye to their old selves for the time being, they took a moment to thank them for everything they did. In a clip from Sirius XM's YouTube channel promoting the duo's newly rechristened podcast "The Nikki & Brie Show," the former WWE Divas Champions reflected on their time spent as the Bellas. But now they have taken a moment to eulogize their past personas before they fully evolve into their next iterations. Brie Garcia started by thanking Brie Bella for everything she has done.


"I just wanna thank Brie Bella. Brie Bella, the character that, the name, all of it ... I am so excited to close that chapter on Brie Bella, put that book to the side, and open up a new one [to] see what Brie Garcia's gonna do next."

Nicole followed her sister's lead by outlining all the ways that Nikki Bella has inspired her.

"I am so beyond grateful for Nikki Bella. She empowered me. She inspired me. She truly made me become fearless. The road that she has paved and what she's done for women and the youth, [I] will continue to do, just as Nikki Garcia."

Their name was given to them by their grandfather, and the former Bellas became trailblazers for women in wrestling and branched out into various avenues of entertainment. Using the Bella brand, Brie and Nikki have dabbled in wine, fashion, broadcasting, hosting, reality television, and much more.