The Miz Praises Rey Mysterio Ahead Of WWE Hall Of Fame Induction

Rey Mysterio's upcoming induction into the WWE Hall of Fame marks a rarity in the company's history. While most inductions honor those who have retired, the legendary luchador will enter the honored halls as an active in-ring competitor — a feat seldomly reached by WWE legends. Regardless of his in-ring status, though, one fellow WWE Superstar believes Mysterio "absolutely deserves to be a first-ballot Hall of Famer." Speaking in a TikTok video, former WWE Champion The Miz shared his high praise for Mysterio.


"If you talk to any superstar that's ever been in the ring with Rey Mysterio, they will tell you that he should be in your Mount Rushmore, he should be in your top five because he is just that good. There is no one better," he said.

The Miz continued, applauding Mysterio's ability to defy all the odds stacked against him throughout his career. In a business, once heavily reliant on performers with bigger physiques, Mysterio managed to secure numerous championships, including the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship, all with a build of just five-foot and six inches. Despite his smaller stature, Mysterio remains one of the most beloved, and successful, superstars in WWE history.

"He probably exceeded all of his expectations because he's done everything that he's possibly wanted to do," The Miz said.


Outside of the ring, The Miz described Mysterio as a remarkable family man and person as well.

"If you want to meet your hero, [Mysterio's] one you'd probably want to meet because he's that good of a person."